Foreigners Work Permits In Vietnam

  • 01/01/1970

Vietnam Work Permits for Foreigners Service by LHD Law Firm Translation Company brings true benefits to foreigners desiring to enter Vietnam to work for companies, organizations, individuals or foreign investment enterprises. A work permit is both a labor contract and the protection of foreigners’ rights. WE GUARANTEE THAT 100% OF WORK PERMITS ARE ISSUED.

What are the benefits of Vietnam Work Permit for Foreigners?

Neither definition nor formalities are repeated in this article as everyone knows what a wor k permit means. I will relate the main benefits of a work permit for foreigners:

– A long stay in Vietnam – 3 years; however, as of 1 May 2013, “the longest validity of a work permit is 2 years”. After 2 years, a foreign worker may have the work permit extended for an equal time. In order to benefit from the residence time, the foreigners must continue to apply for a temporary residence card, which substitutes a Vietnam visa.

– Legally, a Work permit protects the foreigners working in Vietnam. In other words, the labor contract will govern and protect the laborers’ rights. In fact, Vietnamese companies have not fulfilled the terms of a labor contract, such as the foreign employee’s early resignation or the lower pay than the agreed amount … In such circumstances, a work permit will be the savior. However, the laborers must pay governmental taxes to have their work experience certified quickly (work experience – or employment certificate).

What a work permit concerns you about?

– LHD Law Firm Translation Company, as a Work Permit veteran, has encountered numerous cases of invalid or incorrect applications for Work Permit with errors in the position, name, work experience (less than 5 years) due to the unqualified translation and the translators’ limited knowledge. As a result, the work permit applications were rejected. Each rejection lowers the success ratio of the subsequent application …

– It is more difficult that the documents must be consular-legalized. Such process costs time to wait for the documents mailed from overseas. If you are not knowledgeable about the procedures, the mailing time will be long and prolong the application time. Different nations have distinct consular-legalization regulations. For instant, in South Korea, original documents must be translated and notarized by a law firm before being consular-legalized in Vietnam.

(Previously, the newspaper advertisement troubles the work permit rookies. It is regulated that the company must have advertisements on a newspaper in 1 month prior to its employment of foreign workers. If you are not knowledgeable, it will take more than one or two months. LHD Law FirmTranslation Company lets you file documents fast. With us, it takes just 1 week. This regulation on paper advertisement is now no longer in force.)

Why should you employ the work permit servicec by LHD Law Firm ?

As the veteran in this sector, we proudly affirm our deep knowledge of the formalities for work permits. Once your documents are deemed eligible by us, your work permit will be certainly issued. The reasons lead to your choice of the new work permit service by LHD Law Firm:

– Deep knowledge of work permit regulations.


– Zealous, amiable and dedicated staff

– Reasonable cost

– Our motto is “getting it done before getting paid”

– High sense of responsibility and professional dedication: When we qualify and accept your case, we will strive to have it done through all difficulties.

We also provide the fast and guaranteed service for foreign work permit in Viet Nam. 

Call us for the best counsels that save your time and money while boosting your work efficiency.

We wish for your happiness and success in life!

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