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  • 25/04/2022
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An English entry letter is called Vietnam entry approval letter or Vietnam entry permit, which is a document that allows foreigners to enter Vietnam.

Many people also call this Official Letter with another name such as: Entry Guarantee Official; Invitation letter for foreigners.

Contents of Official Letter on entry to Vietnam

On the entry official, there are basic information of foreigners such as:

– Full name

- Date of birth

- Nationality, passport number.

– Time allowed to enter Vietnam from … to …


The entry letter is not a visa. This official letter is the premise for foreigners to receive Vietnam visa. To get an entry visa, foreigners will present an official letter at the Embassy, ​​Consulate or at the border gate (Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat...).

When to do CVNC?

Foreigners entering Vietnam will need this official letter. Except for the exemptions listed below, all entries are required.


Foreigners entering Vietnam will not be required to make this official letter if they already have one of the following documents:

- Visa type multiple times still valid.

- The temporary residence card is valid.

- The permanent residence card is valid.

- A valid 5-year visa exemption certificate.

– Visa-free entry (unilateral or bilateral visa exemption such as Korea, Japan, Southeast Asia).

– Entry by APEC card

– Unilateral or bilateral visa exemption

– Vietnam electronic visa (Evisa)

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From March 15, 2020, Vietnam began to remove restrictions on entry during the Covid epidemic. Foreigners are free to enter Vietnam. And they only need to ensure a few basic conditions:

- Passport with validity period as prescribed.

- Not falling into the cases banned from entering Vietnam.


Entry ban refers to cases where foreigners are not allowed to enter Vietnam. Therefore, the Immigration Department may not issue official documents to them.

There are some cases where foreigners are banned from entering Vietnam such as:

– Forging papers, making false statements to be granted valid papers for entry, exit and residence.

Persons suffering from mental illnesses or infectious diseases that pose a danger to public health.

- Being expelled from Vietnam for less than 03 years from the effective date of the decision on expulsion.

- Being forced to leave Vietnam within 06 months from the effective date of the decision on forced exit.

For reasons of disease prevention and control.

- Due to natural disaster.

– For reasons of national defense, security, social order and safety.

Procedures for Visa on arrival to Vietnam for foreign experts and investors

Step 1: Apply for an approval letter from the People’s Committee of Vietnam.

Explain the purpose of wanting to enter Vietnam -> Then synthesize the dossier and send it to the People’s Committee of the city or province for approval. Depending on where the company is registered, the place of receipt of the application will be different.

Vietnam entry visa for Foreign Experts and Investors ⇨ Entry Acceptance Document from the People’s Committee of Vietnam Province/ City.

Step 2: Apply for the entry dispatch  letter from the Immigration Department

Entry dispatch to Vietnam shows the following information:

◽ Information about foreigners who will enter Vietnam.
◽ Name and address of organization or enterprise inviting to sponsor foreigners.
◽The entry period of foreigners into Vietnam, and the place to receive the Vietnam visa, can be the Vietnamese Embassy/Consulate abroad or the international border gate (Airport, land border gate…) depending on each specific case.

Vietnam entry visa for Foreign Experts and Investors ⇨ Approved for entry of the Immigration Department of Vietnam.

Step 3: You need to confirm the reservation of the isolation hotel, the airport shuttle; buy health insurance; and book flight tickets.

We do this after entry approval from the People’s Committee and the Vietnam Immigration Department.

Step 4: The entry visa to Vietnam for Foreign Experts and Investors is available when you bring enough entry documents from the Immigration Department, approval of entry from the People’s Committee… and will be stamped by the Customs at the airport. You need to fill in the required information registration form at the Airport.

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    Requirements for foreign experts entering Vietnam after March 15, 2022 Starting from March 15, 2022, the Government of Vietnam will open the door to foreigners in general, especially foreigners who are experts and managers, to enter Vietnam in the form of visa exemption (for foreigners), temporary residence card, entry with permanent residence. This creates very favorable conditions for foreign experts to enter Vietnam, in order to promote socio-economic development, create an investment environment and economic cooperation between Vietnam and other countries. Thanks to that, the number of people allowed to enter Vietnam is increasing day by day. Immigration procedures are also easy. There is no need to obtain written approval for foreign experts and managers to enter Vietnam from the Provincial People's Committee. There is no need for centralized medical isolation. However, when entering by plane, people entering the country should note that the test results for SARS-CoV-2 must be negative before leaving the country. Road, water and rail intrusions should be tested in the same way as air entry methods. If the SARS-CoV-2 test result is not negative, the SARS-CoV-2 test should be run. First 24 hours of entry. Children under 2 years of age are exempt from the requirements of the test. New policy simplifies regulations on entry to Vietnam All arrivals must make a medical declaration prior to entry and use the Medical Declaration Form (PC-COVID) during their stay in Vietnam. You must self-monitor your health within 10 days of arrival. In addition, in Resolution 32/NQ-CP dated March 15, 2022 of the Government, Vietnam has exempted visas for citizens of 13 countries (Germany, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Northern Ireland, Russia, Japan and Korea) are visa-free. Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Belarus). Specifically, regardless of passport type and entry purpose, the government will meet the following criteria and issue visas to citizens of 13 countries upon entry to Vietnam with a temporary stay period of 15 days from the date of entry. The policy of visa exemption for citizens of the above countries when entering Vietnam is implemented for three years, from March 15, 2022 to the end of March 2025, the extension will be considered for extension according to regulations. Provisions of the law. Notes when doing entry procedures for foreign experts entering Vietnam Those who are allowed to enter Vietnam in the form of foreign experts or managers Foreign experts are people with high qualifications and technical expertise who are invited to Vietnam by agents and organizations to work and consult and specialize in export processing zones and industrial parks and high technology,... Vietnam has its own regulations on entry as experts and managers These professionals are guaranteed entry by the competent authorities and organizations and arrange for them and their loved ones to live close to their place of work. Other foreigners include international students, students applying for admission to schools across the country, and students applying for humanitarian, emergency and community treatment cases. Documents to prepare for entry into Vietnam The types of documents required for immigration procedures for foreign experts are as follows. Passport must be valid for at least 6 months Certificate of integrity of the Covid-19 vaccine in accordance with the regulations of the competent authority. The covid negative PCR test certificate is valid for 72 hours. According to Vietnamese law, foreign professionals must provide professional qualifications and work experience in professional categories. Ensuring the safety of experts and managers when entering Vietnam In order for foreign professionals to successfully immigration in the complex epidemic development, the following issues need to be noted to ensure the safety of business professionals. Submit all required documents and documents to the regulatory agency, including passports, exemption passports, use of medical records, and certificates of recovery from F0. If the salesperson receives the full amount of the vaccine and recovers, he will self-monitor for 3 days at home. Negative PCR tests are then self-monitored for up to 14 days. Follow 5K epidemic prevention and avoid contact with many people during the quarantine process.

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