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When foreign investors are interested in companies established in Vietnam, they need to know what issues?

  • Provisions of the current law of Vietnam like?
  • Government policies for foreign investors?
  • Capacity requirements of foreign investors like?
  • In the business sector that the Government of Vietnam encourages foreign investors to participate in?


What kind of company you started?

  • 2-50 Co. Ltd. members or 1 member co.LTD
  • JSC company ?
  • Branch offices of foreign companies in Vietnam ?
  • Vietnam Company has 49% ownership by foreigners?


Issues you care?

☑ What is the yearly tax rate? The rate of income tax on your business be?
☑ There is a special certificate for your next business license company?
☑ Not how long it takes to complete the licensing company?
☑ Is there any legal requirements of Vietnam in ownership of your company?
☑ How to transfer money abroad from Vietnam? How much is the fee and how it works according to the laws of Vietnam?
☑ As with any investment incentives for your business?
☑ How do we take care of the financial statements monthly and yearly?
☑ How to Vietnam laws work in any trade dispute?

LHD Law Firm with 10 years’ experience advising foreign investors in Vietnam We will give you advice and clarify all your concerns and take care of your company license. Moreover, the LHD can help you with financial statements showing the Government of Vietnam and track your business activities and is always around to advise your business.
Price: upon request

Step two: License Company in Vietnam

Any information you can get in step one is to operate your business better and to ensure that you will not do anything that conflicts with the laws of Vietnam. This second step, the company licenses, is the key to your business legally.
Depending on the type of business you are running, with pricing and different time frames received licenses for companies in Vietnam. All our packages include receiving the tax code and the seal of the company as well.

Price: from 200 USD / Vietnam company, from $ 1,500 / foreign companies.

Step three: office space

We service brokerage and leasing virtual office in District 1, you just raised your budget and requirements we will meet your needs.
In addition, we also support you on the internet registration, monthly tax reports; find employees, or other services in Vietnam.

This is just an overview to establish a company in Vietnam, we have a complete package to establish your company with reasonable prices; professional service, fast and great. Please contact us to get started.


LHD LAW FIRM is the Top law firm cosulting for Expat in Viet Nam

According to the rankings of Legal500 and, LHD Law Firm is one of the 10 leading legal services in Vietnam for our consultancy of establishing a foreign-owned capital business in our country. With 10-years experience in the field and the office system throughout the country: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Vung Tau, etc., LHD Law Firm takes pride in our commitment to satisfy our clients as foreign investors in Vietnam.

LHD Law Firm




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Dear Sir/Madam, Hi, Its Shirin from Iran Maxgroupint . Actually we want to set up a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh city . For this issue, we need to have below info: 1- Having independent and reliable information reports about Ho Chi Minh city firms 2- Reduce credit risk and improve knowledge about business in Ho Chi Minh city 3- Propose valuable information to make the right business decision 4- Reduce commercial and financial risk 5- Monitoring and benchmark market competitors in Ho Chi Minh city and find commercial insight, financial data, shareholders and directors,... 6- Publishing job vacancy on your local newspapers in order to employ a female staff, she should be known English well and has experience in field of business 7- Getting full authorization and banking from her 8- Not paying custom duty 9- Paying less Tax Fee 10- Consultancy on taxation and peculiarities of doing business in Ho Chi Minh city; 11- Consultancy on taxation of dividends of foreign participants (founders); Set up a company AND Working permit · Drafting and notarizing the documents, · Company name approval, · Payment of the registration fee, · Registering in the executive office; · Registering in the taxation office and social insurance offices, · Opening a bank account. Licensing · Consultation on the questions of licensing; · Preparation of all necessary documents and their assignment into a correspondent state structure; · Obtaining a license and handling it to a client. Please kindly let us have your comment and advise . Awaiting for your kind and soonest reply.
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