☑ When Expat want invest and Set-up company in Vietnam ► They need Experts (Attorney) at Vietnam for set-up an LLC setup, set-up a wholly foreign-owned entity, joint venture, public limited company, branch or representative office...

When foreign investors are interested in companies established in Vietnam, they need to know what issues?


  • Provisions of the current law of Vietnam like?
  • Government policies for foreign investors?
  • Capacity requirements of foreign investors like?
  • In the business sector that the Government of Vietnam encourages foreign investors to participate in?


Step 1: What kind of company you started?


► 2-50 Co. Ltd. members or 1 member co.LTD

► JSC company ?

► Branch offices of foreign companies in Vietnam ?

► Vietnam Company has 49% ownership by foreigners?


Issues you care?

☑ What is the yearly tax rate? The rate of income tax on your business be?
☑ There is a special certificate for your next business license company?
☑ Not how long it takes to complete the licensing company?
☑ Is there any legal requirements of Vietnam in ownership of your company?
☑ How to transfer money abroad from Vietnam? How much is the fee and how it works according to the laws of Vietnam?
☑ As with any investment incentives for your business?
☑ How do we take care of the financial statements monthly and yearly?
☑ How to Vietnam laws work in any trade dispute?

LHD Law Firm with 10 years’ experience advising foreign investors in Vietnam We will give you advice and clarify all your concerns and take care of your company license. Moreover, the LHD can help you with financial statements showing the Government of Vietnam and track your business activities and is always around to advise your business.
Price: upon request


Step 2: License Company in Vietnam

Any information you can get in step one is to operate your business better and to ensure that you will not do anything that conflicts with the laws of Vietnam. This second step, the company licenses, is the key to your business legally.
Depending on the type of business you are running, with pricing and different time frames received licenses for companies in Vietnam. All our packages include receiving the tax code and the seal of the company as well.

Price: from 200 USD / Vietnam company, from $ 1,500 up/foreign companies.

Step 3: office space

We service brokerage and leasing virtual office in District 1, you just raised your budget and requirements we will meet your needs.
In addition, we also support you on the internet registration, monthly tax reports; find employees, or other services in Vietnam.

This is just an overview to establish a company in Vietnam, we have a complete package to establish your company with reasonable prices; professional service, fast and great. Please contact us to get started.

Step 4: Publish the content of the business registration


After being granted the certificate of enterprise registration (ERC) and (IRC) , the investor shall disclose information about the enterprise on the national enterprise registration portal within 30 days, including the following information:

i, Business lines;
ii, List of founding shareholders and shareholders being foreign investors for joint-stock companies.


Step 5: Registered business stamp

The enterprise has the right to decide on the form, quantity and contents of the stamp of the enterprise. The content of the stamp must show the following information:

☞ Company’s name (IRC and ERC)

☞ Business code.

☞ Tax code 

And two star...

After receiving the legal entity stamp and before using the business stamp, the enterprise must send a notice on the stamp of the enterprise to the business registration office for publication in the National Information Portal on the business registration.

Step 6: Notice of use of stamp

After having stamp made, investors submit notices on use of stamp forms to the Investment registration agency.After receiving the record, the Investment registration agency issues a receipt for the enterprise, publishes the notice of the enterprise on the National Business Information Portal and issues a notice of the posting, stamp samples of enterprises, branches and representative offices for enterprises.

Step 7: Open bank account

Investors need to open two types of bank accounts for use Tax and Token (Tax Department check), namely the investment capital account to receive the investment amount and the transaction account for conducting daily transaction in Vietnam.

Step 8: The post licensing procedures

For the conditional business lines:

Investors investing in conditional businesses lines as regulated in Appendix 4 of the Investment Law 2014 and Apply 1/72015, must apply certificate of business qualification, practicing certificates, professional liability insurance, legal capital requirements..vv. before conducting business in Vietnam.

LHD LAW FIRM is the Top law firm cosulting for Expat in Viet Nam

According to the rankings of Legal500 and, LHD Law Firm is one of the 10 leading legal services in Vietnam for our consultancy of establishing a foreign-owned capital business in our country. With 10-years experience in the field and the office system throughout the country: Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, Da Nang, Vung Tau, etc., LHD Law Firm takes pride in our commitment to satisfy our clients as foreign investors in Vietnam.


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  1. Visitor

    Hello. We want open small trading license ( export import ) Fruits and vegetables , garments, footwear’s Kindly advise the legal rules Company registration set up charges. Thank you.

  2. Visitor
    Vila Hulk

    Dear Sir/Madam, Hi, Its Shirin from Iran Maxgroupint . Actually we want to set up a virtual office in Ho Chi Minh city . For this issue, we need to have below info: 1- Having independent and reliable information reports about Ho Chi Minh city firms 2- Reduce credit risk and improve knowledge about business in Ho Chi Minh city 3- Propose valuable information to make the right business decision 4- Reduce commercial and financial risk 5- Monitoring and benchmark market competitors in Ho Chi Minh city and find commercial insight, financial data, shareholders and directors,... 6- Publishing job vacancy on your local newspapers in order to employ a female staff, she should be known English well and has experience in field of business 7- Getting full authorization and banking from her 8- Not paying custom duty 9- Paying less Tax Fee 10- Consultancy on taxation and peculiarities of doing business in Ho Chi Minh city; 11- Consultancy on taxation of dividends of foreign participants (founders); Set up a company AND Working permit · Drafting and notarizing the documents, · Company name approval, · Payment of the registration fee, · Registering in the executive office; · Registering in the taxation office and social insurance offices, · Opening a bank account. Licensing · Consultation on the questions of licensing; · Preparation of all necessary documents and their assignment into a correspondent state structure; · Obtaining a license and handling it to a client. Please kindly let us have your comment and advise . Awaiting for your kind and soonest reply.

  3. Visitor
    Sergio. Mora

    I would like to open up a security company have many experiences experience as security guard what is the initial capital I have to put in so I can get a return on my investment Sergio. Mora

  4. Visitor
    Tony Will

    How are you? Thank you for your patience and understanding. I'd like to have a short meeting (30-40min) with you to get to know LHD further more and discuss some questions as: Cooperate structure when having different investment partners Required documents estimated timeline Any outstanding points that need attention If possible this afternoon or Tuesday/Wednesday this week in HCMC. Looking forward to hear from you.

  5. Visitor
    James Pham

    Dear LHD Firm Thanks for infomation Great advice, Fred! I have a friend who got scammed because the person who she was dealing with (and thought was the owner – he produced copies of paperwork) wasn’t the real owner.

  6. Visitor

    I have a question. How to legally protect yourself from greedy landlords once they have seen your business is successful and how to stop copycats stealing your ideas and using them for profit? Eg someone copying your business?

  7. Visitor

    hi, it is 2017 now. any update on this issue – starting a small coffee shop in ho cm city. Is it still so trouble-some and risky about being scammed?

  8. Visitor
    Vincen Tan

    My friend a legal citizen of Singapore wanted to open a Used Piano musical instrument shop or store in Viet Nam and would require importing via container (the pianos) from Singapore. We would like to ask what are the requirements. Thank you and kind regards. Vins

  9. Visitor

    Set up a new company in Vietnam Hello, My name is Assem. Im present company based in USA. We are looking for a lawyer or company which will provide us services: 1) setting up a LLC in Vietnam 2) the first tax registration The business lines need to include the trading business and tourism development management consulting services. Please advise if you can help us with that. Thanks in advance

  10. Visitor
    Koki nin

    We want to Setup a company in VietNam with trading, pls send me the Quotation and Fee ? Thanks

  11. Visitor

    Hi, Denis Voight is my name from Uc. I live in VN just on 10 years. I have a Work Permit and Resident Card here in Dong Nhi. I work as an Native Speaking English tutor for a Language Center (and some private students) My income is enough for my living but not for accumulating wealth. I am 66 years old in good health In my 10 years here I have had 10 residential addresses!!! Some places i signed for I was not permitted to move into! You see people do not want to Register me with the police. It is the Law and makes things safer for me too - but... Resident Card expires next November 2019. I have had enough of the 'gypsy life' and will give up going home. However I prefer to live in Viet Nam, its safe, people are kind (well to me) even 3 cats moved into my house! BUT with out a place to stay.... A friend suggested I look at setting up a private Company (or even with a trusted family here) The Vietnamese Company can buy a land for its business (a house where I can live) I would be the Director. Could the company also heir me out to teach? I guess I would need to have a work permit being a foreigner employed by my company??? So my company would exist to provide Native Speaking people to work or tutor in English. Now some months i earn 5 mill VND, others 10 depending and occasionally 12 million. As I am retired in Aust I use a self funded 'pension' investment trust, It 'pays me' just under $2000 Aust per month from my investments, rent from my house, drawing on my Super Fund. while Becoming a Company will permit me to 'settle down, how will it effect my residency? If the Company does not succeed in hieing myself or others out what will happen, I mean if it generates no income! In effect can it be a means to retire here? Can the Company also 'invest' in other areas say buy and sell art, invest in friends business, even buy and later sell land! I would be lost complying with tax regulations requirements so look for a company to do that but at what costs? It may cost more than my retirement income would permit. The final question is what happens when some day I 'sell up' to return to Australia? Can my money be sent back? I will need it to pay for the retirement hospital! Or should I die while here how will the company be wound up and the funds returned to my estate to be distributed according to my Last Will ? Thank you for your consideration, it may not be practical but a close friend suggested I ask the professionals. Viet Nam is a good place to live regards denis

  12. Visitor
    David Bil

    We recently allowed our rep office license to lapse as we are changing to a Vietnam registered company. I was informed recently the max % of foreign owner was 35%. I have always been told by my people we needed to have majority shareholding by Vietnam national. 51% by Vietnamese and 49% by an Australian passport holder has been the plan. Hearing only 35% was possible was a surprise. Can you please advise what would be the steps and approx costs for a 100% foreign owned company. We are a small team with annual revenue of A$600k so we are by no means a multi-national. Hence a massive investment to set this up would not be possible. We are a software company and only have the offices in hcmc to hire development staff. We are up to date with all social insurances and taxes. Many Thanks

  13. Visitor

    Dear Sirs, We are investors from Hong Kong and we would like to set up a Cayman private equity fund investing in Vietnam real estate market. We plan to buy land with great appreciation potential, build residential or commercial building on the land and resale it in few years time. We have following questions would like to seek your advice:- Investment Registration Certificate (IRC) and Enterprise Registration Certificate(ERC) We understand that we are required to apply for Investment Registration Certificate and Enterprise Registration Certificate in order to establish a foreign owned entity in Vietnam. We have the following questions regarding to this issue:- 1. Can we set up a wholly foreign owned enterprise in real estate industry? 2. We understand that real estate is a conditional sector. Is there any foreign ownership limit for wholly foreign owned enterprise investing in Real estate? 3. Which corporate structure and company forms do you recommend us to use in Vietnam for our PE fund? Should we use joint stock company? Or a multiple member limited liability company? Or other company forms? We would appreciate if you can give us some reasoning behind your recommendation as well. 4. What other licenses do we need to apply for in order to conducting Real Estate business? How long does it take for applying such license? Land ownership restriction for foreign enterprise We understand that foreign invested enterprises cannot receive assignments of land use rights from existing land users except by way of capital contribution from a Vietnamese enterprise or as part of the purchase of residential housing or transfer of an entire real estate project. 5. Is our understanding correct? If yes, would it be possible if one of our partner (Vietnamese) set up a Vietnamese enterprise and use enterprise to acquire the land and set up a joint venture with us? What if our PE fund consist of a Vietnamese General partner, would this help us acquiring land use rights? 6. According to your experience, how can we overcome this limitation and acquire land usage right from existing land users? Can use appoint our Vietnamese partner to hold the land on behalf of us and sign a trust agreement with our Vietnamese counterpart and become the beneficial owner of the land like in common law countries? 7. In addition, what other ways can we acquire land for residential or commercial purpose? Transfer of Funding in and out of Vietnam We understand that Vietnam has foreign exchange control. 8. Can you explain on the process of transferring fund from our offshore bank account into Vietnam and how can we remit our revenue to our offshore bank accounts after exiting the current projects? Is there any restrictions that we need to aware of? 9. For our fund raising process, we often obtain initial drawdown and capital commitment from our limited partners. But we do not ask our limited partners to deposit the remaining commitment until we identify project and make capital calls. Can we transfer our funds into Vietnam via different phrases? Or is it compulsory for us to have the whole capital payment ready when we apply for IRC or ERC? Bank loans We understand that we can obtain loan from onshore and offshore lenders. 10. Is there any restrictions or important regulations that we should be aware of when obtaining loan for our fund? Taxation 11. What kind of tax will be applicable to our fund? 12. Is there any corporate structure that we can used for tax planning purpose? Costs 13. Can you advise on your costs and timeline for setting up our Vietnam investment vehicles, applying the IRC, ERC and other relevant licenses and any relevant advice for our PE fund? Thank you for your patient and we look forward to your reply. Best regards, Kelvin Co-Founder of Vhub

  14. Visitor

    I want set up a company in Viet Nam with manor it services ! Help send to us the Quotation

  15. Visitor

    I want set up a company in Viet Nam with manor it services ! Help send to us the Quotation

  16. Visitor

    I want set up a company in Viet Nam with manor it services ! Help send to us the Quotation

  17. Visitor

    I want set up a company in Viet Nam with manor it services ! Help send to us the Quotation

  18. Visitor

    I want set up a company in Viet Nam with manor it services ! Help send to us the Quotation

  19. Visitor

    Good Morning LHD Hooe you well. I would like to start an English Language centre in Saigon,Vietnam. I already have the premises,i just need to apply for the Business license and also get some insight about the laws on owning my own company and rights for me to work in Vietnam on Business License? Also regarding taxes,etc. Can you please give me all aspects and information!!!

  20. Visitor
    musa idris ibrahim

    I am looking for establishing a limited liability company in Vietnam on wood logs processing. I am doing timber business, teak and afzelia Africana wood logs, in South Sudan now.

  21. Visitor

    Hi, I am planning to secure a license (100% Foreign Own) for a small Day Care English Language Center. If possible that I could include on business scope like of wholesale, retail Sale, Export

  22. Visitor
    Ceo Seyano

    Dear LHD Law Firm I have received the go-ahead from a client, a niche German med tech company, to do the groundwork for them to set up an own subsidiary in Vietnam. They already have an own rep office in HCMC. I would like to see if your firm can assist my client to set up an own subsidiary in VN. Specifically, I am looking at the following for my client: 1. Closure of their representative office 2. Setting up an own 100% subsidiary responsible for importation, marketing/sales, wholesaling 3. Requirements and estimated costs of the above I will be in HCMC from 25-27 March and would appreciate to meet you. In the meantime, can you kindly share your company’s profile and presentation please, including also work you have done in healthcare? Thank you

  23. Visitor

    Hi, I came across your company from the website. As I will be in Hanoi next week, I would like to check if I could meet with someone at your office for the above matter. I would like to find out more on the types of set-up possible for foreign companies, the applicable taxes, time for new company set-up registration and the fees that your company charged for these services.

  24. Visitor
    Liu Xin

    Dear LHD Law Firm We have a company in China 1,Can we establish a limited liability company with 100% foreign investment funds in Vietnam under the name of Shenzhen Company of China? Need any investment projects? The conditions which related to the establishment of the company (such as regulatory funding requirements, bank deposits, rental contracts, etc.), time of registration company, management regulations and matters needing attention in the process of operation? Whether we establish a limited liability company with 100% of foreign investment funds under the name of our Shenzhen company in Hải Phòng Anyang Industrial Zone (this industrial zone is an industrial zone which cooperated by Shenzhen and Vietnam)has additional preferential policies? How long does it take to register a company and complete opening a company bank account? 2,As we mentioned, we have Hongkong company as well, we want to know whether there are some differences between 100% of foreign investment funds under our Shenzhen company and 100% of foreign investment funds under our Hongkong company? Which one can get more benefits and preferential policies? How long does it take to register a company and complete opening a company bank account? 3, We are also considering that Whether we can register this company by a Vietnamese and then we acquiring corporation with 100% foreign captical? Is there any advantage in this terms of conditions and schedule? Is there any additional risk? Do we need an investment project when acquiring by 100% foreign captical? If yes, how about the relevant conditions, schedule, operation management and points of attention? 4, At present, there is no production involved, but we are also considering that we may will build an assembly factory in the future in Vietnam, Whether we can set the office and warehouse in this industrial zone? Whether we can get some preferential policies in this industrial zone or in this province? 5, We want to seek advice of the appropriate way for our company to make business in Vietnam? 6, Whether your company has the person who can speak Chinese well for better communication? We are looking forward to receive your reply related to the initial consultation and the offer of company establishment consultation. We plan to visit your office to get the detail consultation and implementation by the end of May. Thank you!

  25. Visitor

    i am an indian national married to a vietnamese. if i want to setup a 100% foreign owned business in vietnam, what would be the minimum requirement on capital? and if i do it as partnership with my wife, what shud be the min capital?

  26. Visitor
    Mark Beaucy

    Good Day, I would like to enquire about the fees related to registering a 100% Foreign-Owned LLC (Trading) using your services and expertise. We are in the Fashion Supply Chain industry so the main role of the registered business in Vietnam (HCMC) would also need the appropriate licenses for: Import of Fabrics Export of Finished Garments Travel for work permit, opening of bank accounts, etc are not a problem as well. Please do let me know if you need more information. Many Thanks!

  27. Visitor
    Mark lee

    I'm am an indian national married to a vietnamese. if i want to setup a 100% foreign owned business in vietnam with scope of business import and export -> trading, what would be the minimum requirement on capital? and if i do it as partnership with my wife, what shud be the min capital?

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