Investment Projects (Inbound And Outbound)

  • 30/09/2020
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Lawyers is a consulting company specializing in business law. We provide professional consulting services specializing in the fields of business, intellectual property, contracts, commercial disputes. With tradition of thickness, Vietnamfirm Lawyers always committed to provide customers consulting services to professional quality and reliability with the highest creative solutions, all for the issues of business ...

LHD Law Firm  is a leading provider of legal services in the region with a well-diversified team of experienced lawyers, consultants, and assistants located in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

LHD Firm  offers comprehensive legal advice and innovative solutions for a wide range of customers and legal issues. Vietnamfirm specializes in commercial law, arbitration, and related litigation, tax, investment project, enterprises  including set up a 100% foreign owned capital company (WFOE) or joint venture company  (JVC), establish a representative office, establish a branch of foreign companies in Vietnam; Consulting finance, accounting; industrial proprietary representation service, M&A and other legal services… Whether our clients are looking to establish new business, grow, expand or restructure existing business, or need assistance to settle disputes, the team at LHD Firm is ready to provide practical and timely advice and outstanding service.

Your visits to LHD Firm  will involve a team of experts who are trained to listen actively to your needs, concerns and priorities. Based on the information discussed, a team is created to provide effective and efficient services on your behalf. In addition, you will have the combined knowledge, experience and substantial resources of everyone at LHD Firm working for you.

LHD Firm has a long list of satisfied clients and successful outcomes, especially for those facing difficult circumstances....


Policies and Conditions

  • Offering up-to-date advice on policies, the road map of implementation of Vietnam’s WTO commitments and market conditions in areas open to foreign investment in general and/or in investor’s specific business sector(s) with detailed analyses on advantages and disadvantages of various scenarios;
  • Advising on the possibility of obtaining an Investment Certificate for the specific project of a prospective investor in Vietnam with analyses on technical barriers and conditions by laws and consideration of possible changes necessary to have the project accepted by Vietnamese Authorities;
  • Advising prospective investors on the appropriate forms of direct and indirect investment available under the laws of Vietnam with comparison of advantages and disadvantages of each form of investment to simplify the investor’s choice.

Document Drafting and Negotiations

  • Offering detailed advice on procedures and documents required for particular projects, and assisting investors in the drafting of project-related documents; reviewing and advising on all legal aspects of project-related documents;
  • Representing investors in legal negotiations with their business partners concerning the project-related documents;
  • Providing all other support services, such as printing, translations, editing, notarizing, etc.

Securing Investment Certificate

  • Representing investors in the submission of application dossier to the proper Vietnamese authorities and following up the appraisal of the application dossier by these Vietnamese Authorities;
  • Representing investor or participating with investor in discussions or arrangements with Vietnamese Authorities in order to have projects approved with the most preferential treatments possible;
  • Obtaining Investment Certificates for projects.

Other Services

  • Advising investors on the legal aspects of office leases and other land-related matters for construction of projects, labor and employment, company working regulations, business contracts, etc.;
  • Assisting investors in locating land sites which would best meet with requirements of investors’ investment projects.


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