How To Start A Business In Vietnam As A Foreigner: A Five-Step Guide

  • 19/01/2024
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How to Start a Business in Vietnam as a Foreigner: A Five-Step Guide

  1. Reasons to Start a Business in Vietnam Vietnam has emerged as a prime destination for foreign investment due to its secure environment, political stability, and strategic location for global trade. It acts as a regional hub and a gateway to the economies of the western Indochina Peninsula. The Vietnamese government is increasingly introducing favorable policies to ease the process for foreign investors looking to establish businesses in the country.

  2. Setting Up Your Business in Vietnam 2.1. Choosing a Business Structure To launch a business in Vietnam, investors must select an appropriate business structure. Options include a limited liability company, joint stock company, partnership, or private enterprise. This choice depends on factors like the number of capital contributors and the total investment.

    2.2. Selecting Your Business Sector It's essential to choose and register your business line. For non-conditional business lines, operations can commence post-establishment. Conditional businesses, however, require specific licenses and compliance with minimum capital and foreign ownership regulations.

    2.3. Deciding the Business Location The business location must be within Vietnam and suitable for the business type. For instance, factories must be in industrial zones, and business addresses cannot be residential properties like apartments or dormitories.

    2.4. Naming Your Business The business name must be unique and not replicate existing names. It should include the company type and a distinctive name, avoiding confusion or cultural symbols. Using abbreviations or English names is permissible.

    2.5. Obtaining Necessary Certificates Obtain an Investment Registration Certificate from the relevant Vietnamese authority, typically processed in about 30 days. After this, apply for an Enterprise Registration Certificate at the Department of Planning and Investment, which takes about a week. This grants legal status to the business in Vietnam.


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