Essential Documents And Procedures For Establishing A Limited Liability Company In Vietnam

  • 23/01/2024
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Essential Documents and Procedures for Establishing a Limited Liability Company in Vietnam

Establishing a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Vietnam is a popular choice for business people due to its many advantages, such as the ability to sign contracts, open bank accounts, employ staff, and optimize tax payments. The process involves preparing a set of required documents and following specific procedures:

Required Documents:

  1. Business Registration Application: Complete the form provided by the competent business registration agency.
  2. Draft of the Company’s Charter.
  3. List of Members:
    • For individual members: A copy of ID card, passport, or other legal identification.
    • For organizational members: A copy of the Establishment Decision, Business Registration Certificate, or equivalent documents; an Authorization document and legal ID of the authorized representative.
    • For foreign organizations: A recent (within three months) authenticated copy of the Business Registration Certificate.
  4. Legal Capital Certification: Required for specific industries, as mandated by law.
  5. Practicing Certificate: For the Director or General Director, if the business operates in regulated professions.


  1. Submission of Application: Founders must submit the business registration application at the designated agency, ensuring its accuracy and truthfulness.
  2. Document Review: The business registration agency reviews the application.
  3. Certificate Issuance: If approved, a Business Registration Certificate is issued within 10 working days. In case of rejection, a written notice with reasons and required amendments is provided.

Legal Assistance in Establishing an LLC in Vietnam: Engaging with experienced Vietnamese lawyers can significantly streamline the process of setting up an LLC. They offer:

  1. Expert Legal Knowledge: Deep understanding of the Vietnamese legal system.
  2. Tailored Legal Advice: Customized solutions for individual business needs.
  3. Document Drafting and Review: Ensuring legal accuracy of essential documents.
  4. Compliance Assurance: Meeting all legal requirements for business registration.
  5. Efficient Application Handling: Managing the submission of the business registration application.
  6. Problem Resolution: Addressing and resolving any legal challenges.
  7. Risk Mitigation: Identifying and managing potential risks.
  8. Ongoing Legal Support: Continued assistance post-registration for legal compliance and operational advice.

Conclusion: Hiring Vietnam lawyers adds significant value in setting up an LLC. Their expertise, personalized support, and focus on compliance and risk management ensure a legally robust and efficient establishment process, allowing entrepreneurs to concentrate on business growth.

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