How To Check Vietnam Business Registration For Foreign Companies?

  • 09/02/2022
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How to check Vietnam business registration for foreign companies?

In this article, we will show you some techniques that you can use to determine if a business registration is legitimate to protect you from fake companies.

If you are an established company in Southeast Asia, there is a good chance that you will trade with Vietnam due to the booming industries in the country such as textiles, food, furniture, plastics and paper. Have you ever wondered how to verify the business registration of a Vietnamese company? We provide instructions on how to check company status.

Why should I check business registration in Vietnam?

Although Vietnam rarely encounters problems with fake business registration numbers, it does happen and can lead to serious business risks. In some cases, companies are formed simply to deceive others, and once action is taken, they tend to disappear from the market and become untraceable. Risk arises mainly when the evaluation of partner companies is not a routine procedure. Just looking at their website or brochure is not enough to identify a company. You need to be more proactive and analyze the legitimacy of your company more deeply.

You should check the business registration in Vietnam to avoid fake situations

Overview of business registration certificate in Vietnam

To set up a business in Vietnam, you need a business registration certificate. This certificate can be considered as proof that your business is officially established with the approval of the Vietnamese government.

What is a business registration certificate in Vietnam?

According to the provisions of Article 4 of the Law on Corporate, business registration is a hard or soft document containing business information issued by the Government's business registration agency (under the Ministry of Planning and Investment of Vietnam) qualification.

A business license is a legal document showing the state's management of the owner's business

  • The contents of the Vietnam Company Registration Certificate are as follows.

  • Company name and business registration number.

  • Head office address.

  • Name, place of registration, nationality, legal identity document (ID card, ...) of the legal representative of the company (limited company, company). Partnerships and sole proprietorship;

  • Proof of each member's name, place of residence, nationality and legal status.

  • Name, head office address and business registration number of each member of the limited company.

  • Detailed information about registered capital (company) or invested capital (individual).

 Apply for a business registration certificate in Vietnam

The company formation process, including applying for a business registration certificate in Vietnam, follows the provisions of Decree No. 78/2015/ND-CP on Business Registration.

Normally, you (or an authorized person) need to submit a complete application at the Vietnam Business Registration Office. The required documents depend on the type of business that will be registered.

The agency will then review your application within 3 working days of receiving your application. If approved, the agency will issue you a business registration certificate.

However, if your application is not eligible, we will send you a written notice that clearly explains why your application was denied, and what you need to amend.

Summary of ways to check business registration in Vietnam for foreign businesses

Running a business successfully and engaging in international trade is a task that requires extreme caution. There is always a risk, and you need to remove barriers that could harm your business. The most important and important step involved in this is a thorough review of the company you are dealing with and its integrity.

1. Find your Organization Number (ECN)

An ECN is a set of numbers generated by the National Business Registration Authority, issued to an organization upon incorporation, and recorded in that organization's business registration certificate. Each business has a unique code and cannot be used by other businesses.

This code is used to meet tax obligations administrative procedures and other rights and obligations

The Enterprise Law 2014 stipulates that each organization is assigned a unique code called the Organization Code. This is your business tax number. Businesses incorporated before July 1, 2015, have separate tax identification numbers and corporate identification numbers.

2. Find company information on the Vietnam National Business Registration Portal.

After the national business registration portal address Enter your tax code/business number in the search box in the top left corner and click the Search button.

Some ways to check the business registration of foreign enterprises in Vietnam

in the search results page You will see the business name. Click the name you want to check for more information: Business name (Vietnamese name English name and initials) Business / Taxpayer Identification Number Internal Number Business Status Legal Type Date of establishment, representative, head office address.

3. Carefully check the status of the business.

After reviewing the business registration information should I check if the business is still active? On average, every day in Vietnam, 18 companies complete or complete liquidation procedures. You can check your status by looking at the Taxpayer Portal at the General Department of Taxation. Sorry, this page is only available in Vietnamese.

Some frequently asked questions about business license registration in Vietnam

What if I need to change my registered office address?

If you need to move or change your registered address, you can download the application form from the website of the local planning and investment department. The completed dossier can be sent back to the nearest planning and investment department for processing. Completed applications can be returned by mail or online through the web hosting system of the National Business Registry. It usually takes about 2 business days to process your application.

Some business owners plan to move locations frequently within a fairly short period of time. This may be due to rapid expansion plans and the need for more land each time the business enters a phase or makes a new merger. In this case, it may be easier to register your business address with a registry company or office service provider as we can provide you with a reliable address. 

The main purpose is to use a centralized address so that local tax and planning agencies can send emails and send them to regular postal addresses. If your business moves frequently, this adds an extra layer of security and you can rest assured that your important emails will always be delivered to your hosting address without risk.

There are many business registration problems that become questions of foreign businesses in Vietnam

What are the regulations on displaying the registered company address in Vietnam?

As a registered company, you must display the company name logo, nameplate, or plaque on the registered company's address. If you run your business from home, you do not need to enter the address of your registration office. You also need to display your address elsewhere where you run your business. For example, if you run a store or office that you don't have at home, you need to show your registered address on both.

Whether you're displaying a simple sign, plaque, or nameplate, you need to make sure that the font is easy to read and the location of the sign is always easy to see. Signs should not be obstructed by blinds, shutters, plants, flowers, etc.

Why do foreign enterprises have to register for trademark protection at the National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam?

Since Vietnam is somewhat globally integrated through free trade agreements, IP can be used to organize the view of Vietnam's business environment, especially as the country's economy and technology continue to develop. It will be further strengthened.  Fortunately, Vietnam is keen to develop and enact intellectual property laws to help promote intellectual property in the world economy.

To be able to enroll in Intellectual Property Protection, the protected product must fully comply with the protection conditions stipulated by Vietnam's Intellectual Property Law. If all the conditions are met, your intellectual property will be protected. To protect intellectual property, owners need to pay attention to the intellectual property registration process.

In addition to the prescribed registration process, rights holders are interested in submitting an application for protection and should request that it be submitted as soon as possible. According to the provisions of the Intellectual Property Law, in many identical or similar patent applications, only one invention can be protected if the designs are the same or slightly different.

Therefore, in order to protect intellectual property rights, in addition to the necessary and urgent procedures for applying for product protection rights stipulated by law, the right holder must fully meet the conditions of the product. Product protection helps individuals and businesses gain a competitive advantage in their business activities while avoiding the risk of intellectual property infringement.

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