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  • 04/07/2019

LHD Law Firm supply payroll outsourcing service in Vietnam 

LHD Law Firm (Tax and Law) is the best law with Payroll Services, Outsourcing has become a major global trend in the last decade as businesses of all sizes look for opportunities to reduce costs and improve operational performance by using cost effective labor and resources in whatever part of the World they are located. The expanding reach of the Internet and growth of online collaboration tools mean that outsourcing is easier and more effective than ever before.

Driven by economic conditions and the need to control costs, more and more businesses are opting for LHD Firm as an alternative to taking on more staff on their own.

In the past, the move to  LHD Law Firm was mainly driven by the need to reduce costs.

However, the rationale is now changing dramatically; a growing number of organizations see HR outsourcing fuctions like Payroll outsourcing, business processing outsourcing…. as a means of obtaining strategic advantage, not just as a cost-cutting measure. Hence, even roles previously considered “core” activities are now being outsourced.

# Our payroll outsourcing service includes the followings

Payroll processing run
Preparation of statutory reporting for local authority submission
Management of new hires and leavers
Bank tele-graphic transfer
Generation of pay-slips or e-payslip
Management of queries from local authority


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  1. Visitor
    Hwee Sun

    Hi We are looking for a service provider to help us on the monthly payroll for our Vietnam employees. Could you please provide a quotation? We have a Rep office in HCMC with 5 employees. Thank you. Regards, Hwee Sun

  2. Visitor

    We are looking for urgent Partners to service our clients in Vietnam. Please could someone call me please?

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