Work permit of foreigners in Vietnam

  • 01/01/1970

Foreigners working in Vietnam must understand the rules of the law of Viet Nam on the form of work of foreigners in Vietnam; The enterprise, organizations are entitled to use the foreigner work; These circumstances to apply for work permit; ... And businesses are active in Vietnam also needed to better understand the regulations.

I. The form that foreigners working in Vietnam include:

a) perform contract labour;

b) moves in the internal business of commercial presence in Vietnam;

c) made the contract of economy, Commerce, finance, banking, insurance, science and technology, culture, sports, education and health;

d) service provider under contract;

e) offered for sale services;

e) foreigners representing foreign non-governmental organizations are allowed to operate under the provisions of the law of Viet Nam.

II. The following organizations, businesses are entitled to use workers are foreigners:

a) enterprises operating under the enterprise law, investment law;

b) contractors (main contractors, sub-contractors) receiving foreign contractor in Vietnam;

c) representative office, branch of the Organization of economic, trade, financial, banking, insurance, science and technology, culture, sports, education and health;

d) The socio-political organizations, social-political organizations, professional organizations, social-professional organizations; non-governmental organizations;

e) The business units of the State;

e) medical facilities, culture, education, sports is the agency competent to allow established;

g) Office of foreign or international projects in Vietnam;

h) Executive Office of the identity of foreign business cooperation contract in Vietnam;

i) organizations practicing lawyers in the Philippines under the provisions of the law of Vietnam;

k) cooperatives, associations, cooperatives established under the law on cooperative activities.

* l), business association was established under the provisions of the law of Vietnam;

* m), individual Household business was business agency authorized to allow operations under the provisions of the law of Vietnam. "

Businesses, organizations, hereinafter referred to collectively as the aforementioned user labor.

III. foreigners working in Vietnam must have sufficient condition

1. be 18 years or older;

2. health fit job requirements;

3. Is managers, executives or specialists as defined in paragraph 2 and paragraph 3 article 2 of this Decree;

For foreigners who would like to practice medicine, pharmacy, private, direct examination and treatment in Vietnam or working in the field of education, vocational training to be eligible under the provisions of the law of Viet Nam on the private practice of medicine, pharmacy, education or vocational training.

4. no money judgment on violations of national security; not in the area are suffering from prosecuting criminal liability, are criminal penalty under the provisions of the law of Vietnam and foreign laws.

5. have the work permit by the competent State agencies of Vietnam, except in the case of not granting work permit prescribed in clause 1 article 9 this Decree.

IV. foreigners working in Vietnam must have a work permit, except in the following cases:

a) foreigners in Vietnam with duration of 03 (three), below;

b) the alien is a member of the limited liability company, two members;

c) foreigners is the owner of the limited liability company is a Member;

d) foreigners who are members of the Management Board of the company;

e) foreigners in Vietnam to make selling;

e) foreigners working in Vietnam to handle emergencies such as those incidents, technical situations, complicated technology arose making impact or risk affecting the production, business experts and foreign specialists is currently in Vietnam do not handle was there time on 03 June 03 (three), all (three) months of work in Vietnam, the foreigners have to do registration granted work permit prescribed in this Decree;

g) foreign lawyers were the Ministry of Justice solicitor practitioners licensed in Vietnam under the provisions of the law.

"h) alien head offices, head of project office or foreigners held foreign NGOs commissioned to represent the activities in Vietnam;

* i) alien moves within the enterprise, in the scope of the services sector in Vietnam's service commitment with the World Trade Organization by 11 services include: business services; information services; construction services; distribution service; education services; environmental services; financial services; medical services; travel services; cultural entertainment services and transportation services;

* k) foreigners in Vietnam to offer consulting services and technical expertise or perform other tasks for the research work, build, assess, track reviews, manage and execute the program, the project using its official development assistance (ODA) according to the regulation or agreements in international treaties signed between muscle ODA authorities in Vietnam and abroad;

* l) foreigners were More active diplomatic license information, the press in Vietnam under the provisions of the law;

* m) other cases as prescribed by the Prime Minister. "

V. The case of labor license expired or disabled

1. work permit expiry.

2. termination of the employment contract.

3. content of the contract labour is not right with the contents of the work permit has been granted.

4. contract the economy, Commerce, finance, banking, insurance, science and technology, culture, sports, education, medical expiry or termination.

5. the text of the foreigners sent foreigners working in Vietnam reported only sent foreigners working in Vietnam.

6. labor permit was competent State authorities revoked due to violation of the law.

7. enterprises, organizations, partners in the Philippines or foreign non-governmental organizations in Vietnam ceased operations.

8. foreigners were fine in prison, dead or missing as declared by the courts.

VI. rules of use permits

1. foreigners who are responsible for keeping the work permit has been granted when the license is valid.

2. foreigners must produce permits doing the procedure relating to the field of immigration and produce at the request of the competent State bodies.

3. when foreigners to work in the province, the city of centrally (not the city that foreigners who work regularly) from 10 (ten) days continuous upwards or 30 (thirty) days plus cornered in 01 (one) year, employers, partners in Viet Nam or representatives of non-governmental organizations abroad must be informed in writing on the water In addition to working and attached snapshot of the work permit has been granted to the Department of labor, war invalids and Social Affairs where foreigners to work as stipulated by the Ministry of labour, invalids and Social Affairs.

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