What Is Nominee ?

  • 04/07/2019
What is Nominee ? 
A nominee is a third party, who is appointed to act as a Director, Secretary or Shareholder of a company. This type of appointment is used for various reasons. The more common use of the Nominee Director service is to ensure anonymity. Under the law of some countries, information on directors and/or shareholders must be registered in the public files of the Companies Registry. Where this is the case, only by using nominee directors and/or shareholders can the client's anonymity and confidentiality be ensured.
nominee vietnam
You can select from a range of nominee services, Nominee Director, Nominee Shareholder, Nominee Secretary and Corporate Nominee, in certain instances the need may arise to appoint all four nominee services.
You can utilise our nominee services in several different ways, you may choose to add a nominee service to your existing Company giving the beneficial owner their privacy, or if you are starting a new enterprise, you can select one of our many packages, in this instance the minimum number of nominees required would be 2 nominee director and nominee shareholder.
With 12 years of experience advising foreign investors investing in Vietnam LHD Full Law Firm-related services to meet the needs nonimee of foreigners:
- Setup foreign company in Viet Nam
- Virtual office space for Lease HCM and HN
- Work permit in Vietnam
- Tax consulting 
We are committed to professional service and reasonable prices for Client's  
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