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  • 01/01/1970

With the creation of favorable business environment and expand incentives for all economic sectors involved in production and business activities,

the number of enterprises in Vietnam in recent years has increased quickly. HDP proud to have contributed most to the success of the enterprise through the provision of legal advisory services of high quality.

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With the professional working style and depth of practical experience in this field, the legal services in the entire process fr0m registration to operate a business operating in Vietnam and abroad can be QTC members perform in a manner to ensure convenient and efficient for customers.

During the initial startup of the Customer, the Customer HDP help se-lect type of construction enterprises and business organizational structure appropriate to the type se-lected. During the operation, at the request of customers, our lawyers will assist customers make the switch type or form of business investment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations as well as changes in the direction of enterprise development, to ensure effective investment and business activities of the Customer.

In particular, the relationship with close cooperation with foreign law firms, HDP  always successfully provide legal services to entrepreneurs in Vietnam setting up representative offices / branches in foreign countries and assist foreign investors to handle all issues on the establishment of representative offices / branches / new legal entity in Vietnam.

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