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  • 01/01/1970


Consulting foreign investors in Vietnam is one of the key legal services that LHD law firm done under "Investment Consulting" (Investment consultant).

LHD law firm Law Firm provides investment advisory services to foreign countries for Vietnam enterprises and investors of foreign investment in Vietnam

LHD law firm clients have deployed are very diverse:

  - Includes the foreign company (Japan, Korea, US, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Germany ....)

 - The company has invested overseas and domestic companies operating in many different business areas such as: Manufacturing of parts and components, auxiliary industry, real estate and construction, hotels - resorts maintenance, advertising, insurance, manufacturing, consumer goods, distribution of products .... 

Consulting Services of the Law on Foreign Investment LHD law firm content includes:

  - Support studies evaluating the market, looking for information on the evaluation of the benefits and risks of the business based on the investment policies of the Government and the local authorities.

  - Consulting and seek investment locations in and outside industrial parks, industrial clusters, introduce investment incentives of each province at the request of clients.

  - Established businesses have invested abroad; establish branches and representative offices of foreign companies in Vietnam, expanding business scope of foreign companies.

  - Advice on the rate and method of capital contribution, profit-sharing plan and handle the obligations incurred.

  - Permit trading, investment certificates and Adjustment of investment certificates for foreign investors in Vietnam and other countries (including the establishment of business records (written requests granted, adjusted investment certificate, charter, joint venture contracts and other documentation in enterprise) investment project profiles (up technical and economic reports, drawing exposition meets the investment conditions prescribed by law, give written explanations satisfy the conditions for financial capability, ......)

  - Consult the conditions of investment incentives, the order of execution procedures on investment incentives.

 - LHD law firm will send representatives to meet with the partners exchanging of foreign investors in the project planning, purchase, merger with foreign investment, transfer of project consultant.

The process of implementing the Services consulting foreign investors in Vietnam:

 - To apply for investment certificate for enterprises with foreign investment.

 - Watch the processing and result notification submitted documents.

 - Certificate for business investment, or registration certificate works for the branch or representative offices of enterprises with foreign investment capital in Vietnam.

 - Registration seal and tax code registration (case of investment projects associated with the establishment of enterprises with foreign investment, branch establishment of enterprises with foreign investment).

          => You can see more in content investment advice: Established enterprises with 100% foreign capital, joint ventures, branch or representative offices abroad in Vietnam, foreign investment and projects investment projects, or finding partners and negotiations with local partners, foreign etc ..,

Foreign Investment Advisory

LHD law firm law firm experienced in persuading and negotiating with local authorities and stakeholders in achieving the agreement, resolve problems and contribute to the success of the business of the clients.

LHD law firm confident law firms with the ability to assist clients in the negotiation process, perform the following procedures for licensing and authorization relating to the establishment and operation of a commercial presence of foreign investors in Vietnam.

LHD law firm law firm committed to client and customer support throughout the investment process in Vietnam.

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