Taxes In Vietnam For Expats

  • 21/02/2020

Tax in vietnam 

Taxes in vietnam for expats

When individuals or foreign organizations want to learn and invest in established companies, 100 foreign-owned or joint venture in Vietnam, they need to learn the laws and get advice from lawyers reputation for this requires law attorney knowledgeable, experienced and fluent in English, this is not simple to Vietnam ....

When an individual or a foreign organization (foreigners) want to invest and open a company in Vietnam, they need those notes? and what note for foreign investors in Vietnam when establishing foreign companies in Vietnam.

With 10 years of experience and 6800 customers from 30 countries who have used the services of our Law Firm LHD will please customers when establishing foreign companies in Vietnam.

According to organized international credit ratings Fitch, Vietnam is ranked as one of the fastest-growing countries in Southeast Asia. Vietnam also is on the strong integration with the signing of several free trade agreements such as WTO commitments, the Agreement Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC).

The second advantage of the population with more than 95 million people and is on track to economic development, capital foreign direct investment (Foreign Direct Investment - FDI) in Vietnam has been constantly increasing. Therefore, foreign investors are pouring capital into established companies in Vietnam are hot and relentless growth in 10 years, large corporations such as Samsung and Toyota, Sheisheido, Triumph ... with that the company is a leading Vietnam capital sold to investors as Nguyenkim Shopping Center is also doing market heating up every day.

LHD Law Firm provides document and knowledge most important for investors as they prepare for incorporation of foreign capital in Vietnam


Pursuant to the law

☑ corporate law in 2014

☑ Investment Law 2014

☑ WTO commitments

Who is entitled to the incorporation of foreign capital in Vietnam?

organizations and companies (in operation since 1 year and older), or individuals wishing to invest in the firm founded the company (a joint-stock company, joint venture, limited liability company (Ltd.) one member or two members or more) in Vietnam.


Profile Founded includes what type of document?

⇒ 01. The text proposed investment certificate Form I-3. Investors refer to the instructions on how to sample text in Appendix IV-1 of Decision dinh1088 / 2006 / QD-BKH dated 19/10/2006 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment).

⇒ 02. Reporting the financial capacity of investors because of investors independent and responsible. Contents of the report must reflect the investments which investors use to invest and investors can afford to finance the project.

Investors may also submit

Confirm your bank account balance (for individual investors)

Financial Statements (for the investor is a legal entity)

⇒ 03. Draft charter of the Company corresponding to each type of enterprise (Co. 1 member, Ltd. 2 members, JSC). A draft charter company must have sufficient signatures:

For Company Limited: The legal representatives and owners of the company, member or authorized representative

For company shares: The representative at law, the founding shareholders or representatives authorized by the founding

contents of the charter must be completed following Article 22 of the Law on Enterprises

⇒ 04. Member list corresponding to each type of enterprise (form I-8 or I-9 of Decision dinh1088 / 2006 / QD-BKH dated 21/9/2006 or the Communication Model II-4 tu14 / 2010 / TT BKH dated 04/6/2010 of the Ministry of Planning and Investment).

⇒ 05. Documents certifying the legal status of the investor:

For individual investors

A valid copy of one of the personal identification documents: identity card, passport or papers personal identification other legal validity (Article 24 of Decree dinh43 / 2010 / ND-CP of the Government dated 15/04/2010)

For investors that are legal persons:

Apply for the establishment company profile 2 members, Ltd., JSC and companies Partnership: A copy of a valid decision on the establishment, certificate of business registration or another equivalent document.

Apply to records of incorporation Ltd. 1 members: A valid copy of the establishment decision, the certificate of business registration or equivalent documents other charter or equivalent documents other owners company (unless the owner is the State company).

For documents of foreign organizations, the text must be legalized the (copy notarized or certified by the issuing agency no more than 3 months before the date of filing)

⇒ 06. Authorization/written authorization of the investor to the person authorized for the case the investor is an organization and a valid copy (notarized copy) One of the authorized representative's personal probate documents.

⇒ 07. Joint venture contract for the form of investment in the establishment of an economic organization of joint venture between domestic investors and foreign investors (refer to article 54 of Decree No. 108/2006/ND-CP dated 22/09/2006).

⇒ 08. In case the investment project uses state capital, it must have written approval of the use of state capital for the investment of competent authorities.

In addition, the investor needs to provide

1/Documents proving the right to legally use the corporate Headquarters (contract/office or tenant/Office of the Organization with the function of the landlord/Legal Office)

2/Profile of the investor's experience

Processing time for the establishment of a foreign capital company

Number of filings: 04 sets of records (of which 01 original sets, in Vietnamese or in Vietnamese and the Common Foreign language) are closed into books

Time of review, certificate of investment from the date of receipt of eligible documents valid: 15 working days.

The duration of registration and certification of tax registration (tax code) is 05 working days from the date of receiving the investment certificate.

The check-in deadline is 04 working days to submit the following records (after receiving the certificate of investment).

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