Real Estate Consultants

  • 01/01/1970

 D&P Partners lawfirm strength is our ability to assist clients in the completion of Real Estate Transactions. Our scope of legal service runs from strategic planning, applications and approvals, as well as assistance in the management of leasing to sale products of the project.

Particularly, our scope of works in the Real Estate Project is as follows:

1. In the initial phase, we can:

1.1. Advise client of all the different options on how to legally conduct real estate business in Vietnam;

1.2. Structure a company that will engage in real estate business (depending on client’s strategy);

1.3. Obtain necessary licenses to operate;

1.4. Provide you complete access to our knowledge bank on an as-needed basis to assist you in making the right decisions, and to consult the right people.

2. Deal-wise, we can:

2.1. Perform legal due diligence on the land client interested in acquiring or that will be contributed to the company;

2.2. Structure the deal in the best way to gain a legal advantage for you;

2.3. Property development & planning (incl. land acquisition procedures);

2.4. Draft contracts relating to land grants and re-settlement, land compensation (if applicable);

2.5. Negotiate and draft construction contracts in line with FIDIC or AS 400 standards;

2.6. Negotiate and draft lease/sale/tenancy agreements for all types of property projects;

2.7. Conveyance (transfer of property);

2.8. Structure and incorporation;

2.9. Dispute Resolution/Litigation services.


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