Procedure For Granting Residence Card For Foreigners

  • 01/01/1970
In principle the foreigners who want to reside in the Philippines to have a Visa legally granted during the time period identified (via the usual 3 months/times). Thus, after the expiration of the Visa would like to continue to reside in the Philippines, they must ask for Visa renewal or return to the country and then the new Visa to Vietnam. To facilitate filling for some special objects, working in Vietnam, the Vietnamese State look to level the tag staying in Vietnam with duration from 1 year to 3 years, can say is very convenient for work in Vietnam of foreigners.
The following & Lawyers would be sent to you some information so please Tag shelter for foreigners in Vietnam:



1. the alien is a member of the limited liability company, two members;

2. foreigners who are owners of a limited liability company members (except as authorized representative);

3. the alien is a member of the Board of the Corporation;

4. foreign lawyers were the Ministry of Justice solicitor practitioners licensed in Vietnam as defined by law;

5. alien employment permit is working in various types of enterprises, REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE of a foreign company;

6. expert, student, students, working, studying under the program, national projects signed between the ministries was Government approval;

7. go along include relatives (father, mother, wife, husband, child's card).


1.grant proposal writing 01 shelter (model N5A) card.Declaration information about alien suggestion card (form N5B) shelter,have glued (attached image size 2 x 3 c.m. 02)

2.01 a photocopy of passport, valid visa (bring the original to collate)

3. copy or a photocopy of 01 (bring the original to collate) legal records of the Agency, organization, enterprise-level card guarantee offers shelter, depending on the specific case submitted the following documents: the certificate of investment; Business registration certificate; License to establish REPRESENTATIVE OFFICE; Affiliated companies (including the paper reported activities); Stamp registration certificate; 01 photo permits (bring the original to collate), for the case must have work permit.

4. presentation of proof have declared staying at the police precinct, where the proposed tag.

5. the case of relatives accompany must submit proof of relationship, such as: birth certificate, certificate of registration of the marriage, the family book.

6. the paper introduced by the authorities, organizations, businesses, elected representatives go submission (presentation of the original ID card and attach the photo 01).


-Venue: filing In immigration Management Department/Department of public security of the city.

-Duration: 05 working days solve since a valid profile.


-Card staying there term from 1 year to 3 years.

-Duration of the tag staying shorter than at least 3 months duration of the Passport.

-No shelter for people who grant card passport still under the 1 year term.


1. use the tag staying:

-Who carries the tag staying must perform correctly the content of the things to note (clearly stated on the card is staying), declarations of staying full.

-Agency Organization guarantee card proposal must have a responsibility: shelter

o management of the card in accordance with the content, purpose, registered in time guarantee;

o return the tag staying for issuing the card when the card ceased work, on water or personnel changes, etc.;

o notification in writing to the card when the card changing shelter.

2. where the lost card is staying.

When staying to immediately report lost card issuing the card. Case level again due to lost, as new procedures and submission of accompanying text or single excuse d. 01 loss of agency organization guarantee. Time to pay the result is 14 working days.

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