General Procedures For Establishment Of Company, Factory In Vietnam

  • 01/01/1970

Setting up a company in Viet Nam as one of the forms of direct investment by foreign investors investing in Vietnam. For companies operating in the manufacturing sector, with the establishment of the company, the investor will simultaneously established together with the plant for the company can go to work with their professions.

The Vietnam became a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO), and most recently the Agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), has created conditions for Vietnam to become a potential market for investors from all countries around the world. However, investing in a foreign market will require careful and thorough understanding of the environment as well as the laws of that country.

For foreign investors, if established companies operating in the manufacturing sector are planned by some localities, investors will have to put factories in industrial zones, export processing zones or parks tech to handle environmental pollution, noise.

The lawyers of the (LHD Law Firm), with many years of operational experience in the field of business and investment, always ready to provide clients with valuable advice and deepest to the investors may establish companies, factories and operating activities of the company, the factory that a smooth and positive way possible.


When the legal partner of our client’s is will be provided with comprehensive legal services follows:

- Providing legal advice and policy on the establishment of companies, factories in Vietnam;

- Support to find the location of companies and factories in Vietnam;

- Providing tax policy, labor ... for the activities of companies, factories in Vietnam;

- To compile the records and documents to establish companies, factories in Vietnam;

- Authorized representative to apply, explain in the agency record and track licensing process for companies, factories in Vietnam;

- Other support services: translation, legalization, notarized...

In addition, we also provide client’s support activities after the establishment as:

- Consult the permit (for the professions that require a license con);

- Consulting company regularly during operation;

- Consultations on the operation mechanism, corporate management;

- The other consultants as agreed with the client’s

Investors need legal advice, please contact LHD Law Firm to be consulted directly and efficiently.

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