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  • 12/10/2018

What you needs to start a business in Vietnam. Check the proposed company name; obtain a business registration certificate as well as a tax registration certificate from the local business registration office under the Department of Planning and Investment.

The applicant has to submit documents stipulated in article 15 of Decree 88 and also a Declaration of Tax Information in the prescribed format set out in the Joint Circular and in that case, the business registration office of the Department of Planning & Investment will issue a Business and Tax Registration Certificate to the enterprise. Forms can now be downloaded, and the application can be submitted online.

1# The Business Registry Office must verify the online application for completeness and correctness and reply via email within 5 days from the day of the received application. If the application must be revised, the Business Registry Office must reply once again within a day of application revision. The registrant must submit the original application and related documents within 10 days.

2. # Make a company seal

3 # Registration of the sea-sample at the Police Department

Most business transaction documents must be signed and stamped before they are considered valid and legal. The fee for the seal’s certificate of registration is VND 20,000. The seal will be registered by the police division. The representative has to lodge a copy of the Business and Tax Registration Certificate and also present his or her identity card.

4 # Open a bank account

Each bank requires a different minimum deposit to open an account. For instance, whereas Vietcombank requires the fixed amount of VND 5 million for an account in VND and USD 500 for one in USD, Asian Commercial Bank requires VND 1 million for a VND account and US 100 for a USD account. To open the account, the bank requires a bank-issued application form, the company seal, the company’s business registration certificate, and the resolution of the management board on the authorized signatures.

5 # Publish announcement in a daily newspaper


6 # Buy pre-printed VAT invoices from the Municipal Taxation Department or obtain and print self-printed VAT invoices

To obtain VAT invoices, company founders must submit the following documents to the Municipal Tax Department:
- Managing director’s delegation of authority to the procurement agent (contact the Tax Department to buy invoices).
- Application for buying preprinted invoices (standard form available).
- Identify card of the procurement agent.
- Business registration certificate and copy.
- Tax registration certificate and copy.

After receiving the company’s completed application, the Municipal Tax Department schedules an appointment for invoice purchase within 5 days. During this 5-day period, a tax officer visits the company’s office to certify its existence and issue the company a certification of the company office location.

To register for self-printing of invoices, company founders must submit an application on a standard form, along with (a) a sample self-printed invoice, including all statutory details; (b) a map showing the location of the company’s office or copy of the lease contract if the premises are leased, certified by the ward commune people’s committee; (c) the general director’s identification card; (d) a copy of the business registration certificate; and (e) and the tax registration certificate and copy.

It may take 7–10 days to register the self-printed invoices with the Municipal Taxation Department, and more time for the company to self-print the invoices.

7 # Register with the local labor office to declare use of labor (Municipal Department for Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs).

Within 30 days of starting operations, the employer must register all employees and their qualifications with the Labor Office (in conformity with set forms). The relationship between the employer and its employees are regulated by the Labor Code and set forth in labor contracts.

8 # Register employees with the Social Insurance Fund for the payment of health insurance and social insurance.

The company must register with the Social Insurance Fund all employees who have contracts for 3 months or longer. The employer must complete a form provided by the Hanoi Social Insurance and include the following information: the employee name and date of birth, salary (as stated in the labor contract), the social insurance book serial number (for employees already issued with those books), a certified copy of the company's business registration certificate, and a copy of each labor contract.


9 # Register for trade union with Vietnam General Confederation of Labour

The employer must register with the local trade union or industry trade union (as defined below) no later than 6 months from the date it starts operations.

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    Hi, We are a Singapore company, we plan to open an office in Vietnam. Primary purpose is to act as export company for agri products. Can you give us a quote of your standard services for 100% foreign owned business registration

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