WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - Viet Nam Work permits
On 22/12/2016, Circular 40/2016/TT-BLDTBXH detailing Decree No. 11/2016/ND-CP dated 25/10/2016 on foreign employees in Vietnam officially becomes legally effective. According to current legal basis, LHD Law Company summarizes the regulations and procedures for issuing work permits to foreigners as follows
WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - How to Get a Work Permit in Viet Nam
Foreigners need to apply for a work permit from the local labour authorities of the province or city where their employer is located before signing an employment contract
WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - Work Permits in Vietnam
Foreigners wishing to work in Vietnam must have a work permit in order to work for longer than three months and must fulfil the following conditions
WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - Apply for a new work permit for foreigners working in Vietnam (first issue of work permit)
A foreigner applying for a new work permit applies for a work permit for the first time or has not had a permit to work in Vietnam before. This process demands more documents than the re-issue of a work permit or the issue of a 2nd work permit. 
WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - The formalities/procedures for the application for Foreigners Work Permit
The formalities/procedures for the application for Foreigners’ Work Permit, effective as of 10 March 2014. The laws require foreigners to obtain work permits to legally work in Vietnam. In order to include the foreigners’ remunerations in the reasonable expenditure, the organizations and companies employing such foreigners are responsible for applying for the foreigners’ work permits (or the formalities for the issuance of foreigners’ Vietnam work permit – the formalities for the reissue of foreigners’ work permit in Vietnam). We update the fullest and latest formalities for work permit on this webpage.
WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - Foreigners work permits in Vietnam
Vietnam Work Permits for Foreigners Service by LHD Law Firm Translation Company brings true benefits to foreigners desiring to enter Vietnam to work for companies, organizations, individuals or foreign investment enterprises. A work permit is both a labor contract and the protection of foreigners’ rights. WE GUARANTEE THAT 100% OF WORK PERMITS ARE ISSUED.
WORK PERMIT IN VIETNAM - Work permit regulations for expats in Vietnam
The latest update on the requirements for foreigners to obtain the necessary permit to work in the country, effective on April 1, 2016. Here is what you need to know about the new rules.  
The State of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam has interested itself in the issue of nationality and brought it into management soon after Vietnam gained independence with President Ho Chi Minh promulgating the Decree on Nationality since October 20th, 1945.....
A permanent residence card is the solution for people who wish to regularly visit to stay in Vietnam for a longer period. It is perfect for people that wish to retire in Vietnam and for other people who want to stay in Vietnam without a work permit.