Russia Affirms Safety For Nuclear Power Plant In Vietnam, Official Says

  • 01/01/1970
Russia affirms safety for nuclear power plant in Vietnam, official says (19/2/2012)

Russian Group Rosatom will provide Vietnam with safest nuclear power reactors, said Petr G. Shchedrovitsky, advisor of the Russian group’s general director.


Vietnam can fully be assured about Russian nuclear safety standards, said the Russian advisor, adding the Russian nuclear reactor produced for Vietnam’s plants will meet no problems like which occurred in Japanese Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant.

“Russian nuclear safety standards are better than the international ones. Russia-made nuclear plants are absolutely safe, capable to withstand any challenges,” Shchedrovitsky noted.

The nuclear technology to be used in the Vietnamese nuclear plant is modern and has been used in 80% of nuclear plants worldwide, said Shchedrovitsky, who is participating in a Rosatom’s delegation to visit Vietnam to discuss further on Russia-Vietnam cooperation in nuclear energy.

The generator which will be used in Vietnam’s nuclear power plant is the third generation, he added.

Along with building plants and providing equipments, Russia also receives Vietnamese student to study in nuclear technology courses.

Last year, 19 Vietnamese students went to Russian institutions and 70 others will go this year to learn on nuclear reactor management.

Vietnam plans to build two nuclear power plants with total capacity of 4,000 MW in the central province of Ninh Thuan. It will start building the first plant in 2014 with financial and technical assistance from Russia.

Japan and South Korea are also other potential partners for Vietnam in its nuclear development plan.


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