How To Register A Trade Mark In Viet Nam

  • 01/01/1970

 Register trademark in Vietnam

How to register a trade mark in Viet Nam


1. Viet Nam trademark search (Optional):

In order to verify the registrablity of your Viet Nam trademark in Vietnam before officially filing Viet Nam trademark application at National Office of Intellectual Property (NOIP), you should conduct a search of the trademark. The result will show whether or not your trademark is similar to trademark registered by other applicants for the same product/service. In addition, the result will also indicate that the launching of your product under your trademark/brand name into Vietnam market is legal or illegal by that time.

Time frame: 02 working days


1.1. Required documents:

The applicant shall send YOURLAWYER HONGDUC the following documents:

(i) 05 samples of trademark;

(ii) List of products/service bearing trademark


2. Register Viet Nam trademark

2.1 Time frame of Viet Nam trademark registration in Vietnam:

The trademark application shall be passed through three stages:

a) Formality examination of trademark application: 01 month

b) Publication of trademark application: 02 months counted from the date of acceptance of formality of the trademark application

c) Substantive examination: 12-14 months counted from the date of publishing the trademark application

If the result of substantive examination shows that applicant’s trademark is registrable, NOIP shall issue Certificate of Trademark Registration within 01 months


2.2 Required documents:

In order to register trademark in Vietnam, the applicant shall provide YOURLAWYER HONGDUC the following documents:

(i) 12 samples of trademark (size 8 cm x 8 cm);

(ii) Power of Attorney (Provided by YOURLAWYER HONGDUC);

(iii) List of products/service bearing trademark.


2.3 Validity Duration of trademark registration:

A trademark once registered is valid for a term of 10 years and can be renewed every 10 years for an unlimited period.

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