Foreign Investment In Vietnam

Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Vietnam boasts huge gas hydrates potential: researches
As many as 27 zones in Vietnam’s territorial waters are reported to have a very huge gas hydrates potential, especially at the continental slope to the southwest of the East Sea, said latest researches.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Russia affirms safety for nuclear power plant in Vietnam, official says
Russian Group Rosatom will provide Vietnam with safest nuclear power reactors, said Petr G. Shchedrovitsky, advisor of the Russian group’s general director.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - US$ 6.52 Billion evaporated on Vietnam main bourse in 2011
US$ 6.52 Billion evaporated on Vietnam main bourse in 2011 The value of Vietnam’s main bourse, Hochiminh Stock Exchange (HOSE), evaporated VND137 trillion ($6.52 billion) from end-2010 to VND454 trillion at the end of last year amid macroeconomic uncertainties and tightening monetary policies.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Vietnam Mekong delta named in top 10 destinations in 2012: Lonely Planet
The Mekong Delta region of Vietnam has been rated ninth out of the top 10 destinations in 2012 by the world’s renowned travel guide by the Lonely Planet.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Foreign tourists complain about rising rip-offs in Vietnam
Foreign tourists to Vietnam have recently complained about disturbance by local beggars, street vendors, and even rip-offs by taxi drivers and restaurants, state media reported.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - VinaCapital plans new technology fund this year
VinaCapital, one of the largest foreign-invested fund managers in Vietnam, plans to establish a new fund investing in supporting industries in the Southeast Asian country this year.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Vietnam seeks Japan loans for second nuclear power plant: official
Vietnam seeks Japan loans for second nuclear power plant: official
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Dutch Government invests in cruise fleet in Vietnam Ha Long Bay
The government of the Netherlands has invested in a new cruise fleet, “Life Heritage Resort Ha Long”, aiming to create stable jobs in the Vietnamese tourism.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - High bad debts hit finance leasing firms in Vietnam
Finance leasing companies in Vietnam are facing troubles because their non-performing loans (NPLs) widened to 45.38% of their total outstanding loans as of last June, Vice Chairman Ha Huy Tuan of the National Financial Supervisory Committee has said.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - invest in vietnam
 Before 1999, Vietnamese laws on tax still provided discriminination among state owned economic entities with other economic entities. However, current trends of highly developed economy require the state to respect and implement anti-discrimination policies. Current laws and policies on tax provide equality among economic entities as well as among domestic and foreign investors. Especially many tax policies demonstrate preferences in order to attract more investment by the government of Vietnam.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Labour
 Enterprises with foreign capital are entitled to directly recruit Vietnamese workers or recruit through a human resource service. They are requested to send a list of recruited workers to the local government labor management agency
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Intellecture Properties
 Currently, legislative system on intellectual property of Vietnam (Civil Law and Intellectual Property Law) is quite comprehensive, gradually moving towards principles and regulations of WTO and WIPO etc. Regarding international commitments, Vietnam is a member ratified to important declarations such as Paris convention
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Foreign Trade - Customs
 Policies of the Vietnamese government on the international trade have been positively changed over the past 10 years. Vietnam always increases bilateral cooperation, particularly the Vietnam-US Agreement on Trade, participation to the ASEAN, APEC and integration into AFTA and Vietnam‘s participation to WTO at the end of 2007.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Environment
 The 2005 law on environmental protection requires adjustments to activities relating to environment. The Government passes the national environmental standards and adjusts it every 5 years or sooner. The national environmental standards include standards on quality of surrounding environments and standards of wastes applied to all individuals or enterprises.
Foreign Investment In Vietnam - Banking
 Vietnamese banking and credit system consists of Central Bank – also referred as Vietnam State Bank and other banks. The Vietnam state bank executes the state management role relating to currency and banking activities.
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